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What we've Planned (so far)

FRIDAY: Registration, Kegs Tapped, Evening Hash

SATURDAY: Breakfast, YKHHH Hash ...

SUNDAY: Breakfast, Southside Trail, Lunch, PMS/Seoul HHH Trails, Maybe ...

MONDAY: Breakfast, Mystery Hash and Final Circle

Our next event:


Seattle, WA
Probably over the 04 July Weekend 2016, Probably

Download Last Year's Rego Form
For nostalgia only; it won't help you for this year's event.

We will post more info here as we think stuff up.

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What is the FHKIT Hash???
The Original Patch

Founded in Vegas in 2001 by a small group of x-Korea hashers, the FHKIT meets once a year in various locations across the US. We hash Gangnam Style, bringing Korea hash traditions to the US. Although the event is driven by former Korea hashers, anyone of drinking age is welcome to join us! For more info on the FHKIT's history, go here.